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Helium is a great site to link to your other social networking sites.

The web (2.0) loves it if you are expert and Goggle give rates high rating for pages with information.

You can share what you know in short 300 word articles; get paid for them via ad words.

 Link them to Digg, Squidoo, Ask, Stumble, Technorati, right from the site. They even provide linking boxes you can add to other sites that click right back to your Helium articles.

 The more clicks on your articles, the more money you make. I have made over $15 from one article alone in the last month. (Ok, some only paid out a penny.)

An added perk is that other members vote on your articles, so you get stars and that can be kind of addicting. I wake at night to see what my rankings are for new articles.

 It’s not hard to write the articles and they are posted immediately. Most articles are about 300 words, or one page and it’s easy to find topics you know something about, from parenting, to business, to affiliate marketing, to eBay.

Many of my articles are on things I know nothing about- my best paying articles are ones I researched on the Internet.

What do I know about skiing in Japan and India?? Nada! With the $15 I made, I can save for my trip. And I don’t even like to ski.

The best thing is linking all these articles to Squidoo and Digg. Each site drives hits to the others.

For those of you who actually are experts, you can position yourself as one via these small articles and link to your websites, blogs, and eBay About Me pages, Squidoo, and get hits and drive sales to your store.

This is the information age, and Helium provides a forum to show what you know.

Email me if you would like to sign up and I’ll send you a link. Here is a link to my Helium.com home page