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It is the greatest luxury for mothers these days to be able to stay home with their children. Even more than having a mink coat or a fancy car very few Americans as new Bush economy can afford to spend time with their children. We work to cover the cost of their food in their education and their day care.
Sarah Palin is the perfect example of this loss of parenting. Women have bought for the right to work and now women have to fight for the right to stay home and be mothers to their children.
Sarah Palin is a working mother and I applaud her for that. Raising five kids and being governor of a small state that you grew up in is a lovely balanced career. But as a new nursing mother, for her to take on running for vice president is an abuse not only to her rights as a mother but to the child’s rights to have a good start in life. The fact that her four-month-old still nursing child is a special needs child with down syndrome makes her decision even more unconscionable. I cannot believe that any nursing mother would desire to go on the road and deal with the sleeplessness and the stress of a campaign for presidency of the United States while she’s also worrying about waking up at night with her child nursing her child eating enough food to make sure that she’s creating breast milk to feed her child. Now granted I’m sure that McCain has enough money to purchase for her wrecked nannies around the clock. And maybe now she’s made the decision not to meanness to wean his child and not to nurse after all. And maybe because it’s a down syndrome’s child they figured a kind of a life isn’t going to happen anyway. All of this is unconscionable.
What does this say about America’s ability to grow its families? What does this say about America’s family values? We ask a four month old newborn to sacrifice his mother is time quiet time nurturing life that he needs to grow and be sustained in a mother’s time with a newborn child that she could be quietly nurturing him and instead we replace this with the governors need to pursue her career and rape the Alaska wilderness for oil is.
This is a woman who refuses to put polar bears on the endangered species list and does not even believe that there is global warming in light of scientific factual evidence.

This is not with the women’s movement fought for. The women’s movement fought for rights for women so that we could do work equally with men and not be pawns to men’s careers anymore. Running for vice president when your infant child is four months old still nursing is being up on to the president and the vice president and the Republican national party and the needs of big oil and the needs of the anti-environmentalists and not to the needs of the mother and her child and her children and the poor infant or special-needs infant whose needs are not being met.

Sarah Palin is not a good role model for women.

I’m ashamed to be a working mother when I look at the example of Sarah Palin running for vice president of the United States could I’m ashamed because this is not a quality that we fought for in the women’s rights movement. Women’s rights meant freedom to choose. Women’s rights means freedom to work in any job that you choose. But women’s rights does not mean giving up the needs of your family and ignoring the cries of a four-month special needs child.

The greatest luxury that women happen this time is to stay home with their children and not to work. Very few mothers in this Bush economy can afford this luxury. Because now two adults are needed to work to support a family, to feed the children, to pay for their day care, and very few women of childbearing age can afford to stay home and raise their children and not work.

Sarah Palin is not working for income. She is working for big oil.

 She is putting the needs of her family and her children and a small nursing infant to the back burner while she is paraded around by men who use her, as men have always used women to forward their own ambition. She’s being abused by the Republican national party and her children lives are being sacrificed by John McCain and Karl Rove and by big oil and by the anti-and barman was. Sarah Palin is allowing American industrialists to diminish the lives of her children and future generations.

She is setting a terrible example for our daughters by allowing herself to be used by these men for their own political gains when her children and her infants needs are left unattended.