They’d say he was trash.
How can this puritan party possibly ignore the obvious immorality here?
How can they possibly ignore the TERRIBLE parenting?
This is the MOST shaming thing that can happen to a parent, especially a Christian parent.
How does Sarah Palin get off the hook and look like a good parent here???
Has this whole country been hypnotized by the last few years of lies?
Do we care so much about NOT PAYING TAXES that we’re willing to ignore the truth?
I feel like I’m in an episode of The Emperor’s New Clothes.

Here’s a tax clue.
If the top 5 percent of the population continue to not pay taxes, there will be no working class to keep them as the top 5 percent. Already, our dollar is worth quarters internationally, and the billiionaires billions are only worth millions now.
If this financial insanity and tax-free ride continues for our corporations, the millions will be worth thousands, so get out and pay taxes, and vote for the MORAL MAJORITY- those who care about each other and not just about getting what they can from someone, whether it’s a politian taking advantage of a nursing mother, a teen boy taking advantage and raping an underage child, or a county that selfishly takes from the land that feeds the very air we breathe.