Adaptogens are plants that help the body maintain homeostasis and balance in the endocrine and hormonal systems. Recent research into stress has proven the important functions and usefulness of these plants.

The first sea creatures to crawl out of the sea onto dry, parched land were probably not going on an adventure. Rather, they were seeking to escape a toxic ocean or pond. They were driven by survival. Prior to that, they experienced a great stress that caused them to leave their normal patterns, their normal habitat. Something forced them to change.

In times of stress, creatures must adapt or die. Survival depends on change and adapting to a new environment. A fish grows legs and walks on land. A lump of coal gives up its dark heart and turn into a diamond.

Humans, under stress, send out hormones that trigger a flight or flight mechanism. The adrenals release cortisol, which enables short bursts of energy. Under constant stress, the adrenals give out and the body can no longer flight or flee.

This is where adaptogens come in.